The Red Watchman

An old firebox in the village Sloten

Rode Wachter Sloten

The village of Sloten is located far in the west of Amsterdam. Although this village has been part of the municipality of Amsterdam for years, it has nevertheless managed to retain its village character. Sloten and it’s surroundings have a number of sights. 

One of these is this fire detector. The red watchman, you can see a male in it if you look closely, dates back to when a telephone at home was still a rarity. In order to be able to quickly warn the authorities in the event of trouble, Amsterdam set up these fire detectors in various places in the city. It was designed in the style of the Amsterdam School and served from 1927 to 1971.

When a fire broke out somewhere, people could quickly run to this post, break the glass and then notify the fire brigade.

A connection with the police could be made on the other side of the pole.

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