Welcome in Amsterdam

We want to welcome you in what is for us one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Established in 1275 it grew out to be a tiny big city. Here you can find history, but also the future. There is art and culture, but nature is always close too. We would love to show you this versatile environment.

The city isn’t a day the same, we aren’t, the groups we guide are different, so our tours will reflect that.

We believe that if you look with a different perspective you see more. With respect towards the city and his inhabitants we don’t only show you the big picture but also focus on details, so the city and its history comes to life.

So come along with us and let us show you Amsterdam. We will give you an experience you can take home with you

Medieval Amsterdam

We take you on a walk through the oldest part of Amsterdam. We show you the highlights and tell the stories of Amsterdam in medieval times. The city has changed a lot since that time but if you watch closely you can see and feel how the people of Amsterdam lived in that time..
Amsterdam is first mentioned in 1275 as the “people who live near the dam in the Amstel”. They received toll rights from Count Floris V. After this, Amsterdam quickly became larger and more prosperous, partly due to trade with Eastern Europe. The thriving town gets a real city wall.
We show the towers and the city gate that were part of the medieval wall around the city, stop at the Dam in the Amstel and walk to the tranquil Beguinage. The guide shows you the remains of medieval Amsterdam, but we also tell you about the more recent history.

Approximately 2 hours
Suitable for the disabled
€ 30,– p.p. (minimum 10 part.)
Available as private tour

In Rembrandt's Footsteps

In the 17th century Amsterdam grew fast and became one of most important cities in the world. With the new found freedom and trade with the far east, people became wealthy and they wanted to show it. In this century the famous canals were dug and entire new neighbourhoods were created.

The rich wanted to decorate their houses with beautiful art, and one of the most famous artists of his time was Rembrandt van Rijn. 

Based on his life we walk through the city center. We start at the square named after him, show you were he lived and tell you his story, along with the tales of the city. During the walk we show you his art and the places where he created it and the places his clients lived.


Approximately 2,5 hours
Suitable for the disabled
€ 35,– p.p. (minumum 10 part.)
Available as private tour

Amsterdam Highlights

The Dutch love their bikes, simply because it is the best way to get around the city. Because it is an tiny big city you can get everywhere fast.

We will take you on a gentle ride through the city. Of course we show you the most famous places of Amsterdam and tell the fascinating stories. We also will leave the innercity and ride through parcs, show you the popular places outside 17th center ring.
When you book this as a private tour we can bring you (almost) everywhere you want. After the highlights we really don’t want you to miss we can go to the very fibrant North part of the city. The free ferry will bring us right to the heart of popular restaurants and bars build on the terrain where they used to build ships till the mid 80s.

On the east side of Amsterdam we will find markets and shops, down the south we drive through the Vondelpark and see the stadium which was build for the 1928 olympic games. The west side of Amsterdam is the home of a very popular foodcourt which is build in an old tram depot.

You don’t have to make your choice now, we do that on the spot.

Approximately 3 hours
Not Suitable for the disabled
Basic bike skills needed
€ 50,– p.p. (minumum 5 part.)
Incl bike rentals
Available as private tour

Little Village Amsterdam

In a far west corner of the city lies a secret, very few know of. It is a little old village encapsuled in a modern Amsterdam neighbourhood. This village is called ‘Sloten’ and is even older than Amsterdam itself.

Sloten still has it old streetpatterns and has different interesting sites. Sloten is the home of the tiniest policestation in the Netherlands. Close to that is an ban marker. People banned from Amsterdam couldn’t pass this marker, or they got arrested (again).`

Furthermore Sloten holds everything the Netherlands is famous for. There is a working
windmill where you can experience how we manage to keep our feets dry. During
our ride you already noticed that we will get more and more below sealevel.

Next to a cheeseshop (where the locals also get theirs) there is a brewery.

When you experienced all this we invite you to our house. We show and tell you how we
live in the Netherlands and what our habits are. We will offer you some typical dutch snacks and a drink.

Bike tour
Approximately 3 hours
Not Suitable for the disabled
Basic bike skills needed
€ 60,– p.p. (minumum 6 part.)
Incl bike rentals
Contact us for this tour by car

Private Tour

If you have special wishes we can also accomodate you. We pride ourselve being very flexible in what we do. We have lots of knowledge in our company, which makes us able to create an alternative tour in a short time.
We can walk, ride a bike or drive in and around Amsterdam and show you the things you are interested in.
There are many things to see, do or taste. We can combine or extend our regular tours or create one especially for you. 

Are you interested in the second world war? We can show you the places and tell you the stories why these were important in these dark years.
Maybe you are more interested how the city is developing right now. There are many interesting things going on right now in the business district and and the banks of the IJ river.

We can also go outside Amsterdam where we can show you different types of birds in nature reserves, as close as 10 kilometres outside of the city centre.

Like beer? we are not taking you on a pub crawl, but show you the local breweries and have a taste of the different beers they create.

No minimum or maximum number of persons for custom made tours.
Price based on the nature and length of the tour.

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