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Aalsmeerder veerhuis

Along the Sloterkade is a house from 1634. This house is known as the Aalsmeerder Veerhuis. In the past, transport between different parts of the country was mostly by water. In and around the city there were several ferry houses for the ferries to numerous cities. The Aalsmeerder ferry house is the last of these to remain.
In a ferry house you could wait until the barge arrived and you could board. A ferry house was usually a furnished café where you could make the wait more pleasant with a drink and a snack. The Aalsmeerder Veerhuis was previously known as the “Bonte Os” inn, so it was also possible to sleep here.
This ferry house was also a popular destination for a walk from the city. Residents liked to come here to see how ships arrived and left here and how smaller ships were brought over the Overtoom. The facing brick on the house refers to this activity.
The text reads:

The business is good here, praise God
The beer is put on and on here

Aalsmeerder veerhuis gevelsteen
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