Two houses with Noses

House with the Noses

Most people from Amsterdam know “the house with the heads” on the Keizersgracht. Far less know “the house with noses”, and there are even two of those. The best known is the house at Singel 116. The house itself has been around since about 1610, the beginning of the new expansion of the city. The property was bought by Abraham Mylius in 1752. He had the facade converted to the fashion of the time. The story goes that some of his friends wanted to give him the gable as a gift. The only requirement was that the owner and his sons should be part of the artwork. At the unveiling it turned out to be caricatures with huge noses. Fortunately, Abraham had a sense of humor because the images still adorn the facade.

The second ‘house with the noses’ is located at Oudezijde Voorburgwal 232. Here we also see a richly decorated facade. The large plaque with “Parys” on it was applied by Pieter Parys who lived here for some time. The decoration on the top facade is from later times. We see it an alliance weapon, formed by two family arms, brought together by marriage. The left part and also the statue in top comes from the coat of arms of the Mamouchette family. What is especially noticeable are the heads with large noses. This is a reference to the family name: ma mouchet = my snout.

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