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Our corporate philosophy! We would like people to look around. See things and marvel at the meaning and stories behind them. Inside Amsterdam Tours would like to tell you those stories. We point out the details that you often do not notice in the today’s rush. We tell the stories, the ancient and sometimes new. In this way we try to give you a new view of the world, with more wonder and respect for the environment around us.

Of course we like to do that personally through a walk or a bike ride.

This is not possible in this time of Corona, but we have not been sitting still and have continued our mission in another way that we would like to share with you. In our blog you will find the special places with surprising stories from all over the city. Details of places you may visit regularly.

Hopefully we can meet again in person soon, but keep following us because then we will continue to complete our blog.

Our motto is and remains #LOOK!

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