An old question

A Quiet Place

Huis Te Vraag

On the west side of the Schinkel is an oasis of peace called “Huis Te Vraag”. (House Question). This cemetery with the special name has a long history. 

The place has been mentioned since the 15th century. It was on the road from Sloten to Amsterdam, a long trip back then. To provide a resting point, there was an inn at this site. The innkeeper had placed a sign outside with the text “te vraghe”. With this he indicated that one could get information here.
According to tradition, Emperor Maximilian of Austria, on a pilgrimage to Amsterdam, asked here for directions to the Miracle Church in Amsterdam. This quickly became known in the area and the innkeeper decided to name his inn “Te vraghe” (The Question).

This story remained connected to this place. In 1618, a wealthy inhabitant of Amsterdam built a country house here which he also called “Huis te Vraag”. With the economic downturn in the 19th century, this house was neglected. It got so bad it had to be demolished in 1890.
A year later, permission was given to build a cemetery on this site. The cemetery was also named after the old inn with historical awareness. No people have been buried here anymore since 1962 and although there have been many developers who have had their eye on this piece of land, it remains an oasis of calm in the city. 

The letterbox next to the entrance gate of “Huis te Question” is reminiscent of the famous questioner.

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