A sneer in the facade

For better living

At the end of the 19th century, as a result of the industrial revolution, the city’s population grew rapidly. Outside the canals, many houses had to be built quickly to meet demand. In this way, completely new neighborhoods were built.
The banks took advantage of this by providing mortgages on building houses. This attracted speculators who wanted to make money fast. They responded to the expectation that demand would remain high and so rents and value would continue to rise. She cared little about the ease of living or the long term. They used cheap materials and made uniform houses.
In 1908 housing association “Cooperation” was founded. This competed with the makers of those uniform and monotonous bad houses. The houses became more wide than deep, creating a more pleasant living environment. Speculators criticized this way of building. In order to silence them, this poem was placed in the facade of the first block of houses which was delivered at the Moreelsestraat.

Many are mouthful
To blame someone’s work
But not brave enough
What better to make yourself
The saying is only wind
I like to do

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