Private Tours

We're open again to show you our beautiful city and tell the best stories. We will set off with small groups at an appropriate (corona) distance. Contact us now to book. Even 'real' Amsterdammers are often amazed by the special sites this beautiful city has to offer and we like to show you. We put together that tour in which we show and you experience the city according to your interests. You can also register last-minute; We have the knowledge and experience to put together a custom tour within 24 hours.

Here you will find a lot of history but also modern architecture and stories . There is art and culture, but nature is always close by.

To enjoy the stories at home and dicover hidden places yourself, we write in our blog about urban details with stories that few people know.

Get Inside Amsterdam

We like to show you Amsterdam with all the love and respect our beautiful city deserves. We have different tours in which we want to give you a taste and feel of the city

Expat Specials

We oganize events and tours specially for expats. We show you the (real) city and the Dutch way of living. Come with us and we show you how you can make Amsteram your home and blend in with the Dutch.

What people say about us

I have lived in Amsterdam for 43 years, but have visited places and heard anecdotes that I did not know existed. Really nice, can recommend it to everyone!
Bob de Voogt
A customized tour was made for our team outing; by bike we touched the lesser-known and touristic places of Amsterdam! Highly recommended ....!

Who are we?

We are Debbie and Dennis and we want to show you the city and how we experience it. That means we don’t take large groups with us, walk the beaten tracks nor tell you the stories learned from a tour guide. Amsterdam isn’t a day the same, we aren’t, the groups we guide are different, so our tours will reflect that.

We believe that if you look with a different perspective you see more. With respect towards the city and his inhabitants we  don’t only show you the big picture but also focus on details, so the city and its history comes to life.

Come along with us and let us show you Amsterdam. We will give you an experience you can take home with you.


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